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Annual vinca, Madagascar periwinkle

Catharanthus roseus ‘Cascade Lilac’ Low maintenance, good drought tolerance, and easy availability all help popularize annual vinca (not to be confused with Vinca major or Vinca minor , the evergreen ground covers.) A Madagascar native, annual vinca grows 1 ½ feet tall and wide, blooming...


Petroselinum crispum What would we do without parsley? Can you imagine an expensive entree without its sprig of parsley? A substitute for parslied potatoes? Undoubtedly, parsley is a necessary culinary herb, but grow your own? You bet! Parsley is a biennial. After its first winter, it flowers and...

Featured Plants - Cardoon

Cardoon - Photo by Bob Orazi
Cynara cardunculus Some cooks describe cardoon as celery with armor. The edible portion of this artichoke family member is the leaf stalk rather than the flower bud. The bright, silver-grey leaf stalks taste like artichokes and are popular in Mediterranean recipes for soups, pastas, or bagna cauda...
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