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Below are resources and links to other sites with research-based information on the principles and farming practices that can improve the health of your farm soils.


Maryland Soil Health Card

A user friendly tool for evaluating a field's soil health. Please note that four attachments are included in the linked PDF file, and can be accessed by clicking the paperclip icon when viewed in Adobe Acrobat.


Cornell Soil Health Lab


Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Health Portal

Gateway to all NRCS Soil Health resources, including videos, technical publications, and fact sheets

NRCS Soil Health logo 

Cover Crop Chart

NRCS Web Soil Survey

Online soil mapping tool; very powerful with many features and data sets; takes a while to learn


UC Davis Soil Resource Lab: SoilWeb

Online soil mapping tool (also works well on smartphone browser); more user friendly than Web Soil Survey


National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health

Materials from 2014 national conference with focus on cover crops


Building Soils for Better Crops

An in depth handbook on managing farmland for soil health; available free online or hard copy for purchase


Cover Crops Topic Room (USDA Sustainable Ag Research & Education)

Extensive written and video resources on cover crops


Managing Cover Crops Profitably (USDA Sustainable Ag Research & Education)

An in depth handbook on maintaining profitability while using cover crops


NRCS Local Service Center Directory

Tool for contacting your local NRCS office



User Friendly Soil Respiration Test


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