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Intro to Twitter Webinar

Handouts - Twitter for Boomers Beginner Twitter Lingo Twitter Handles

Farm Bill Update Webinar

Farm Bill Update The 2014 Farm Bill changes many aspects of US agricultural policy. The new farm bill puts many decisions on producers in order to pick the best risk management tools that work for his/her operation. This webinar will focus provide an overview of the new commodity programs and...

Land Titles Webinar

Land Titles How land is titled can clearly define your property rights in that property. By understanding the different forms property can be titled, then you can understand the implications of each on your business, manage your property, and develop an effective estate plan. Presented by: Paul...

Advanced Digital Tools Webinar

Learn how to make digital tools work for you! This session will build on topics presented in the first Digital Tools session as you in capitalize on the digital tools now available through the internet and smartphones. Topics include hardware, digital databases, fingertip marketing and other...

HootSuite Webinar

What is a Social Media Platform? How can you manage multiple social media accounts from one account? In this webinar, learn how to use HootSuite, the most popular social media management system. Handouts Presentation Slides

Managing Legal Risks Webinar

This webinar will focus on how to manage legal risks on your farm. Tools such as utilizing a business organization, liability waivers and purchasing liability insurance will be discussed in detail on how they may protect your farm. Handouts - Presenation Slides

Advocating for Agriculture Webinar

Agriculture now more than ever needs advocates! Learn how to get your positive message of agriculture out to your audience, and how to deal with tough questions and comments when they arise. Handouts - Presentation Slides

Estate Planning Webinar

Estate Planning Do you have an estate plan for your farm or farm business? During this webinar we will learn the basics steps in setting up an estate plan, and where to look for additional resources. Handouts: Presentation Slides Fact Sheet 2014 Legal Services Directory

Digital Tools to Enhance your Business Webinar

This webinar will assist you in capitalizing on the digital tools now available through the internet and smartphones. Topics include hardware, digital databases, fingertip marketing and other applications helpful to businesses. Handouts - Digital Tools Checklist Digital Tools Handout


Introduction to Instagram Instagram is a fun mobile photo sharing platform that is also excellent for advocating for agriculture or promoting your business. A short PowerPoint followed by a live demonstration will be part of this webinar. Introduction to Instagram Presentation Slides in PDF format...


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