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Snap It, Then App It Webinar

With digital and smart phone photography, everyone can be a photographer! And a good one at that! This webinar will review the leading photography apps available. Learn how to correct mistakes and make an ordinary snapshot a work of art suitable for your family or business. PDF of Snap It then App...

Figuring Out Facebook Pages Webinar

My goodness! A lot has changed since Facebook first offered free pages for business and organizations. Learn how to optimize and get the most out of your Facebook page. Handouts discussed during the webinar PDF of presentation Beating the Facebook Algorithm Blues Boosting - Socially Yours...

Agvocacy Webinar

Commercial and for profit agriculture is slammed on social media – organized social activists have a strong voice on social media and they often paint an unflattering (to put it kindly) picture of agriculture. Mid-Atlantic farmers are not immune. We need positive voices to tell our story. Learn how...

How to Create a WordPress Blog Webinar

If you can email, you can blog. I am partial to WordPress (I have three personal ones) and helped to create or manage dozens more. This session covers the basics. Presentation Slides - PDF Format

Newsletters Webinar

We all get them, but do we read them? Create a compelling newsletter for your organization so that you gain new subscribers, get more readership from those subscribers and learn how to track what is most important to your clients. Download the Presentation Slides (PDF): Click Here!

Editorial Calendars Webinar

Editorial Calendars Webinar There are 365 days in a year but we don’t want to have to work all of them, so having an editorial calendar prepared is important in maintaining content for a 24/7 world while also maintaining our own sanity. Archived Handouts: PDF of Presentation Example of Social Media...

Enterprise Budgeting Webinar

Enterprise Budgeting Enterprise budgets are an organized listing of the expected income and costs of a product or service. This webinar will take a look at parts of an enterprise budget, how to development an enterprise budget and how to analyze the projected profitability of that enterprise...

Analytics Webinar

Digital media is at the front of most marketing and strategic plans for business and organizations. It’s not easy to know how to track the success of your campaigns and your websites which is why keeping up with analytics and trends in optimization is key. Handouts: Click here to view a PDF of the...

LinkedIn Webinar

The social media platform for professionals. Want to go on social media without the cute cat videos? Present yourself as a serious professional on LinkedIn and develop your personal brand Handouts: PDF of Presentation Slides


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