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Soil pH, Liming Rates and Fertility Webinar

Presentation Handouts Archived presentation handouts in PDF format Websites of Interest UC Davis Soil Map

Deciding on a Business Structure Webinar

Business structures can often be one of the simplest tools producers can utilize to limit their business liability. At the same time, they often confuse those considering adopting one as a tool to utilize in their business. This webinar will cover business structures from the simplest (sole...

Estimating and Tracking Production Costs Webinar

Estimating and Tracking Production Costs The ability to effectively estimate and track production costs is essential to farm business decision making. This session will discuss methods for estimating costs and how to manage expenses. Presented by: Shannon Dill ( ), Extension Educator...

Hiring and Firing Practices Webinar

Hiring and Firing Practices This webinar will outline how to protect your operation with efficient hiring practices and tools such as background checks, employee handbooks and more. Alternatively, the webinar will also go over the correct course of action when firing an employee and help to ease...

Hiring Maryland Farm Interns and Associated Labor Laws Webinar

Hiring Maryland Interns and Associated Labor Laws Hiring Maryland Farm Interns and Associated Labor Laws- Many farms across Maryland use interns or apprentices to lighten the overall farm workload and help young people gain practical farming experience and knowledge. Although interns can be a...

Grain Marketing 101 Webinar

Presentation Handouts listed for download below Grain Marketing 101 Presentation Slides Producers Guide to Grain Marketing Terminology Grain Marketing Strategies

Legal Resources Available in Mid-Atlantic Webinar

Legal Resources Available in the MidAtlantic Presented by: Paul Goeringer ( ), Extension Legal Specialist, University of Maryland Handouts: Presentation Slides

Market Research Webinar

Market Research Market research is an important part of a marketing and business plan. This webinar will review the basics of marketing research, identifying a customer and market research tools Handouts & Materials - PDF of Presentation Slides Market Research Worksheets

CSA Operators Webinar

CSA Operators Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a growing business area for many Maryland producers. A CSA can bring in additional income to finance the operation, connect customers with your farm, and bring you a new customer pool, but this relationship depends on a useful contract that...


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