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Watershed Protection and Restoration Program

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Conversion From Turf to Conservation Landscaping

Conservation Landscape is a practice that replaces sections of turf grass with native plantings. These plantings provide greater water infiltration and habi-tat and require less water and fertilizers compared to turf grass.

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is a planted depression in the landscape that collects and allows rainwater runoff from impervious surfaces to be absorbed. Rain gardens and planted with native plants, and include an amended soil media and mulch.

Rain Barrels and Cisterns

Devices that are placed at the end of downspouts to collect rainwater and store it for later uses by the homeowner.

Stormwater Practices

What is stormwater runoff? Stormwater runoff originates during precipitation events when water flows over the ground. Hard surfaces such as streets and rooftops increase runoff by preventing water from soaking into the ground. Water running over these hard surfaces can pick up sediment, chemicals,...

Watershed Stewards Academy

The Watershed Stewards Academy (WSA) is a training program to empower residents to improve the water quality of local streams. By sharing resources, forming partnerships, and coordinating efforts, WSA works with a Consortium of Support Professionals, Master Watershed Stewards and their communities...

Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Certification

The Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Certification (CBLP) is a voluntary credential for professionals who design, install, and maintain sustainable landscapes in the Bay watershed. Organizing partners for CBLP are the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council , University of Maryland Sea...


Stormwater Management and Restoration Tracker (SMART) Stormwater remains one of the most difficult and expensive sources of Chesapeake Bay pollution to control. While a great deal of attention and resources have been committed to wide scale adoption of Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs...


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