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Watershed Protection and Restoration Program

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Cecil County Watershed Stewards Academy is now accepting applications!

● Want to solve a drainage problem in your neighborhood? ● Want to get off the sidelines and make a real change? ● Want to be a leader in your community? You don’t have to be an expert; we'll show you the way! The Watershed Stewards Academy is a great opportunity to learn how to solve water quality...

Rain Gardens

What is a Rain Garden? A rain garden is a planted depression in the landscape that collects and allows rainwater runoff from hard surfaces to be absorbed. Rain gardens are planted with native plants, and include a soil media and mulch. Rain gardens typically are used to reduce residential rooftop...

SMART Trainings

Check back for future training opportunities!

SMART Contacts

The SMART Program is organized by University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension Program in cooperation with local county/municipal agencies. To learn about the SMART program and SMART Volunteer basic training in any particular area, please contact the appropriate Watershed Restoration Specialist...

Becoming a SMART Volunteer

The SMART Volunteer Program is designed to train individuals as volunteer stormwater certifiers to support the University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension’s Stormwater Management and Restoration Tracker (SMART) tool and inform property owners on effective stormwater practices that result in the...

SMART Volunteers

The SMART Program, a volunteer reporting and certification program created and administered by University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension, provides a mechanism to account for the reduction in pollution entering our local waterways as a result of stormwater practices being implemented on smaller...

Watershed Resources

Green roofs help to slow the flow of stormwater before it reaches the storm drain. Stormwater Rebate and Reimbursement Programs (Baltimore City and County, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, City of Rockville, City of Gaithersburg) Several jurisdictions and organizations offer rebate...

Lawn Depression/infiltration

A lawn depression is similar to a rain garden or bioretention in that it collects and absorbs stormwater runoff from the surrounding area. It differs in that a lawn depression is often larger in size and less pronounced in depth and it is planted entirely with turf grasses.


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