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Sample Submission Forms

Forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader available as a free download at . Plant Problem Sample Submission Form Plant and Weed Identification Form

Nematode Management Resources: Soil Samples

Nematode Management Resources: Soil Samples The University of Maryland no longer operates a Nematology Laboratory. Home gardeners should work with the Home and Garden Information Center to solve landscape problems ( HGIC website ). The Virginia Tech Nematode Assay laboratory has agreed to accept...

Plant Diagnostic Lab Services

Who may submit samples? All Maryland residents may submit samples to the lab. Priority is placed on specimens from University of Maryland Extension educators, commercial growers and industry professionals. Home gardeners should work with the Home and Garden Information Center to solve landscape...

Plant Diagnostic Lab Personnel

Karen Rane: Director Phone: 301.405.1611 Karen Rane is a plant pathologist with more than 20 years of experience in ornamental plant problem diagnosis. Karen has authored numerous articles and conducted workshops on ornamental plant disease diagnosis and management for growers and...

Plant Diagnostic Laboratory

The University of Maryland Plant Diagnostic Laboratory

 The Plant Diagnostic Laboratory provides plant problem diagnosis for all crops. Most diagnoses are based on microscopic examination of the specimen and visual identification or culture of plant pathogens such as fungi, bacteria and nematodes. Identifications of plants, insects and mites attacking plants are also performed. Some specimens are referred to specialists in other departments or other institutions for diagnosis.


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