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Hop Production

The popularity of craft beer and micro-breweries combined with the growing awareness of buying locally-produced agricultural products provides Maryland farmers with an emerging crop production opportunity: hops. Research the possibilities of producing this high-value crop right here in Maryland...

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Honey Bee Enterprise

Introduction According to USDA Agricultural Research Service website, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) threatens the health of honeybees across the nation, the issue exacerbating in 1980s with the increase of new pathogens & pests. Since a great number of agricultural crops we grow in Maryland...

Cottage Food Labeling and Packaging

See more: Cottage Food Business Law Labeling and Packaging Your Specialty and Cottage Industry Food Products in Maryland: Attracting Customers By: Ginger S. Myers, Ag Marketing Specialist and Director, Maryland Rural Enterprise Development Center University of Maryland Extension 301...

The Digital Farmer

You are invited to the Digital Farmer Blog, a blog site that is hosted by University of Maryland Extension. This is a great place to stay in touch about new and improve digital resources for farmers. Check it out. Feel free to comment and share!


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