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Farm Transitions and Estate Planning

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Business Organization Videos

Business organization structures can provide many uses in agriculture, but the majority of Maryland farmers do not utilize one. Utilizing the proper one can help limit liability for the farmer, protect personal assets from business liabilities, and provide a mechanism to transition the farm to the...

Conservation Easements

Conservation easements can be a tool to include in your estate plan. Donation of a conservation easement can be one way to reduce federal and state estate taxes when your estate value minus permitted deductions exceeds the current estate tax exemptions (unified credits). Conservation easements will...

Estate Planning Webinars/Videos

Photo by Edwin Remsberg Recorded Webinars Overview of Farm Transition Process - Shannon Ferrell, Oklahoma State - June 3, 2015. Estate Planning Process - Ashley Ellixson Business Structure Overview - Video Series

Estate Planning Publications

Publications Choosing Your Will and Estate Planning Attorney (Fact Sheet 925) by Maria Pippidis, Megan O'Neil-Haight, CFCS, and Crystal Terhune, CFCS. Estate Planning: Goals, Net Worth, and Fina l Instructions (Fact Sheet 414) by Patricia Tengel. Estate Planning for Farm Families (FS-972, 2014) by...

Farm Transition Tools

Photos by Edwin Remsberg Farm transition planning is an important part of your farm. The goal is often passing the farm on to the next generation to manage. But this can be a difficult process that will require a great deal of communication, financial considerations, and business planning. This...

Farm Estate Planning Resources

Photo by Edwin Remsberg Estate planning should be a continual process throughout your life that changes as your life changes. The birth or death of a child, the death of a spouse, getting married, or getting divorced, etc can all be life events that require you to update your estate plan. We...

Farm Transitions and Estate Planning

Successful planning for the future generation to take over the farm or planning for the farm's continued success after your death is an important part of your farm.  You want to make sure that the next generation has the skills necessary to continue on the farming operation, the farming operation passes easily to them, you maintain retirement income, and your final wishes are taken care of upon your death.  We realize this is not a topic many of you want to deal with, but it is an important one.

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