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Tree Fruits and Small Fruits

NM-5 " Nutrient Management for Tree Fruits and Small Fruits " "Pre-Plant Renovation and Soil Conditioning for New Vineyard and Small Fruit Plantings" UME Information Sheet


"Pre-Plant Renovation and Soil Conditioning for New Vineyard and Small Fruit Plantings" UME Information Sheet

Nutrient Recommendations

Agronomic Crops Christmas Trees Cut Flowers Grapes Loblolly Pine Tree Fruits and Small Fruits

Nutrients Cycles

General Information Nutrient Manager (Vol 3, Issue 1, Summer 1996) " Focus on Nutrients and the Hydrologic Cycle " Nitrogen (N) Nutrient Manager (Vol 2, Issue 1, Summer 1995) " Focus on Nitrogen " Phosphorus (P) NM-3 " Phosphorus Removal By Crops in the Mid-Atlantic States " Nutrient Manager (Vol 4...

Manure and Organic Sources

Manure EB-420 " Manure as a Natural Resource " FS-176 " Determining the Amount of Manure in a Pile or Pool " FS-1017 "Vertical and Subsurfer Tillage Reduce Surface Runoff of Nutrients and Fecal Steroids from Poultry Litter Amended Fields" NM-6 " Sampling Manure for Nutrient Content " "Biosolids:...

Greenhouse Publications

EB 363 - Total Crop Management for Greenhouse Production EB 359 - Total Plant Management of Herbaceous Perennials

Calibration of Equipment

EB-254 " Uniform Lime and Fertilizer Spreading " SFG EC-1 " Calibration of Manure Spreaders: Uniformity, Spread Patterns and Effective Swath Width " SFG EC-2 " Calibration of a Manure Spreader Using the Weight-area Method " SFG EC-3 " Calibration of a Liquid Manure Spreader Using the Load-area...

Cover Crops

Nutrient Manager (Vol 2, Issue 2, Winter 1995) " Focus on Cover Crops " Winterkilled Cover Crops If further interested in cover crops, check out this webinar: Cover Crops History and Current Practice (January 2013)

CFO Newsletters

January 2014 (Volume 10, Issue 1) August 2013 (Volume 9, Issue 1) December 2012 (Volume 8, Issue 1) January 2012 (Volume 7, Issue 1) May 2011 (Volume 6, Issue 2) January 2011 (Volume 6, Issue 1)


The Agricultural Nutrient Management Program offers free publications which cover a wide variety of topics related to nutrient management and soil fertility. All publications are in PDF format, can be downloaded for free, and are grouped in to the following categories: ANMP & UME Publications:...


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