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Non-Ag Animals (Kennels and Biomedical Facilities)

Q. Are nutrient management consultants required to do plans for dog kennels and biomedical research facilities under the new regulations? A. No. Dog kennels and biomedical research facilities are not considered "agricultural operations." Waste management for these types of facilities is under the...

Definition of Animal Operations

Non-Ag Animals (Kennels & Biomedical Facilities) Calculating Animal Units Slaughter/Feed Cattle

CREP Acres Only (No Cropland)

Q. I don't actively farm my land; however, I receive more than $2,500 in income due to CREP payments. Do I still need a nutrient management plan? ( Posted May 20, 2003 ) A. No. MDA has developed an exemption form for situations such as this. Contact your regional MDA office and they can provide you...

Manure on CREP Land

Q. I enrolled a significant portion of my farm in the CREP Program a few years ago. I raise beef cattle and still have some pasture and hay fields; however, I am concerned that I may not have enough available ground for spreading the manure that accumulated over the winter. My nutrient management...


Manure on CREP Land CREP Acres Only (No Cropland)

Certified Farm Operator (CFO) Eligibility

Q. I work for a horse boarding operation and would like to develop a nutrient management plan for the operation. If I become certified as a certified farm operator can I develop the plan for my employer's operation? ( Posted June 2, 2005 ) A. The certification program for farm operators is...

Annual Income

Q. Is a nutrient management plan required in a situation where a producer has a number of small properties and doesn't make $2,500 on any individual property, however collectively makes more than $2,500? ( Posted November 29, 2004 ) A. An individual who receives annual farm income from one or...

Annual Implementation Report (AIR)

Q. I received a letter from the MDA that included an Annual Implementation Report (AIR) which is due on March 1st of every year. Must I now submit my nutrient management plan before the growing season and then my AIR after the growing season? ( Posted March 7, 2005 ) A. No. The AIR was designed to...

Account ID Numbers

Q. I am developing a nutrient management plan for a farm that was recently subdivided. As a result of the subdivision, several fields have multiple account ID numbers. Is it necessary to list all account ID numbers on the MDA Reporting Form or can I list just one? ( Posted November 29, 2004 ) A. If...


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