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New Apple Cultivars

Q. I have a client who is growing some new cultivars of apples not listed in NM-5 , "Nutrient Management for Tree Fruits and Small Fruits." Can you tell me what cultivar category (soft, fresh market, or processed) the following cultivars would be classified as: GingerGold, HoneyCrisp, Pink Lady? (...

Soil Test for Pasture

Q. Are soil tests required for pastures in situations where no fertilizer or lime is applied? ( Posted June 6, 2003 ) A. Yes, soil samples are needed. Essentially, nutrients are being applied in the form of manure from the animals. It is not necessary to generate a nutrient recommendation for...

Is It a Pasture or a Heavy-Use Area?

Q. I'm writing a plan for a horse boarding operation. The operation has 13 horses on 2 acres of land. The owner says that the horses are on pasture 24/7, except for cold weather months (November through February) when they are confined overnight. He calls the area "pasture" but I'm not so sure...

Pasture Issues

Is it a pasture or a heavy-use area? Soil test for pasture?

N Credits for Green Beans

Q. My client raises vegetables. Do I need to give nitrogen credits for green beans? ( Posted June 6, 2003 ) A. No. Green beans are a short season crop that receive nitrogen fertilizer at planting. The N fertilization suppresses the plants' ability to fix nitrogen; therefore a nitrogen credit is not...

Soybean - Sudangrass when Harvested

Q. Last year a farmer had a field planted in 50% forage soybeans and 50% sudangrass. The crop was taken off as silage. Should any nitrogen credits be taken for the beans? ( Posted April 21, 2004 ) A. Given that the cover crop is mixed grass-legume AND is harvested, no credit is recommended.

N Credits for Chilean Nitrate

Q. I have a client who uses Chilean nitrate. What kind of N credit should I take for it? ( Posted July 9, 2004 ) A. Chilean nitrate is nothing more than sodium nitrate, a highly soluble inorganic compound. All of the N will be available the year of application, and therefore no N credit should be...

N Credits after Drought

Q. Many farmers suffered serious drought this year and their soybean crop is only a fraction of what they normally produce. Is it appropriate to take a nitrogen (N) credit when soybean yields are poor? What is a reasonable N credit? ( Posted November 8, 2007 ) A. The range of credits in the...

Differences in N Credits by Kill Date

Q. Several clients of mine plant oats-crimson clover or oats-hairy vetch cover crops. How much of a nitrogen credit do crop combinations warrant? ( Posted February 10, 2009 ) A. Typically the oats will winter-kill and form a vegetative mat under the crimson clover or hairy vetch. The nitrogen...


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