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Publications about Agriculture:

Legal Liability of Saving Seeds in an Era of Expiring Patents
Understanding Agricultural Liability: Maryland Fencing Law (EB-419)
Raising Your Home Chicken Flock (EB-409)
Rodent Control on Small Poultry Farms
Agricultural Leasing in Maryland (FS-971)
The Environmental Concerns of Arsenic Additives in Poultry Litter (FS-947)
Starting a Farm Enterprise in Maryland: Checklist (FS-946)
Selecting a Horse Trailer (FS-948)
Niche Marketing—Outside of the Box, but in the Black (FS-846)
A Producer's Guide to Meat and Poultry Processing Regulations in Maryland (EB-372)
Review of Lender Requirements for Beginning Farmer Loan Programs (FS-975)
A Marketing Decision Tool and Guide for Grass-fed Beef (EB-374)
Equine Disposal Guide for Maryland Horse Owners (EB-421)
Meat Marketing Planner: Strategic Marketing for Farm-to-Table Meat Enterprises (EB-403)
Japanese Maple Scale: A Pest of Nursery and Landscape Trees and Shrubs (FS-967)
Precision Soil Sampling
Maryland Consulting and Industrial Foresters Directory
NIche Marketing-Outside of the Box, but in the Black
Privacy Issues and the Use of sUAS/Drones in Maryland
Understanding a Community Supported Agriculture Agreement: What Should Be Included in a Good CSA Membership Agreement?
Using a Business Organization Structure to Limit Your Farm's Liability
Understanding Agricultural Liability: Premise's Liability
Manure to Energy Byproducts are Useful Nutrient Sources
Maryland Farm Internships and Labor Laws
Protecting the Family Farm in Divorce
How to Lease Your Land With a Conservation Easement (FS-1049)
Determining the Value of Drought-Stressed Corn (FS-483)
Maryland Wheat: Historical Basis and Price Information (FS-497)
Maryland Corn: Historical Basis and Price Information (FS-495)
Assessing Flood Damaged Corn (EBR-5)
You and The Chesapeake Bay: Farm Animal Welfare (EBR-10)
Fall Soil Nitrate Test (FSNT) (EBR-15)
Maryland Niche Meats & Poultry Producers Directory (EB-402)
Farm to Hospital—Selling Farm-Raised Meats and Poultry in Maryland (FS-929)
You and The Chesapeake Bay: Farmers Do Their Part (EBR-7)
You and The Chesapeake Bay: Nutrient Management Planning In Maryland (EBR-8)
You and The Chesapeake Bay: Farm Bill Budget Facts (EBR-9)
You and The Chesapeake Bay: Pesticides (EBR-11)
You and The Chesapeake Bay: Food Safety On The Farm (EBR-12)
You and The Chesapeake Bay: It’s Not The Same Old Farm (EBR-13)
Farm to School: Increasing Sales by Local Famers for Healthier School Lunches (FS-933)
High Tunnel Production: The Basics for Success and Three Case Studies (FS-957)
Thrips Management in Greenhouses (FS-762)
Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT): Know the Symptoms and What to Do if Your Flock is Affected (FS-966)
Selecting a Tow Vehicle (FS-955)
Understanding Agricultural Liability: Livestock and Other Animals (FS-990)
Estate Planning for Farm Families (FS-972)
Recognizing and Preventing Avian Pox in Small Flocks (FS-979)
Green Book 2014: How to Apply for Woodland Harvest Permits in Maryland (EB-417)
Choosing the Best Poultry Breed for Your Small Farm (FS-987)
Manure as a Natural Resource: Alternative Management Opportunities (EB-420)
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