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                                                TENTATIVE PFS 2017 AGENDA

Personal Finance Seminar for Professionals


Tuesday, May 16

4:00-6:00pm              Registration          


Wednesday, May 17

8:00-9:00              Registration


9:00-10:30           Deborah Owens, CEO, Owens Media Group

“The New Financial Normal: Building Wealth in Uncertain Times”


Are you ready to make the shift? Are you ready to change your mind? This session will be about moving forward in uncertain times. Learn strategies, tips, and resources to build wealth in the unlikeliest times. The importance of habit in relationship to financial success will be discussed.



10:30-10:45        Break



10:45-12:15        Adam Lee, Incubator Director, Filene Research Institute

                                    “Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Encourage Savings in Low-to-Middle-Income Families”


If we are to help low- to middle-income households make better financial decisions, we first need to understand why they sometimes don’t. To do this, we need to explore the psychology of decision making. Learn about possible interventions that financial institutions, advisors, and tools can employ to help households adopt more effective financial behaviors, and build savings to meet short and long term goals.


12:15-1:15           Lunch



1:15-2:45              Saundra Davis , Founder & Executive Director,  Sage Financial Solutions

                                    “Coaching YOU!”


Bring out YOUR best for your clients by “be-ing” your best for YOU.  What makes you good at what you do?  How do you integrate self care and excellence into your daily routine? What coaching skills can you use to be your “best self” in your work and personal life.



2:45-3:00              Break


3:00-4:00              Charles Pruett, Assistant Dean for Financial Aid, Georgetown University Law Center

                                    “Student Loan Repayment”


This session will cover student loan repayment and bring clarification to different elements of financial aid and student loan repayment. This session will also discuss student loan forgiveness program including Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program that allows graduates seeking employment in public service an opportunity to work in areas that makes a tangible difference in their life and the lives of others.  


4:00-4:10              Break


4:10-4:40              Gloria Yates, Manager of Outreach, Freddie Mac

                                    “Housing Trends”

The session will speak about current housing market trends including home buying, refinancing, and foreclosures from the economic and housing research. The session will speak about Freddie mac programs and resources for consumers as well as financial counselors and educators such as CreditSmart ® Online Resources.



4:40-5:30              Mia Russell, Vice President of Hands on Banking® Content Strategy and Integration Government and Community Relations, Wells Fargo

                                    “Exploring new financial trends for diverse and underbanked populations”


                                    This session will discuss new research and financial trends that affect the financial education and banking practices of diverse and underbanked consumers. Participants will learn strategies that can be employed to enhance effective educational programs designed to improve financial capability. This session will also focus on successful integration of financial content that can complement other current programs. Technological advances and creative techniques for content integration will be shared.


Thursday, May 18

8:00-9:00              Registration


8:30-10:00           Jason Vitug, Founder, Phroogal

“Engaging a Generation on The Road to Financial Wellness”


Millennials, are different from any other generation i.e. baby boomers, generation x. This session will focus on how we're engaging millennials and other generations by breaking the social taboo.  This session will provide strategies in working with different generations for financial educators and counselors.



10-10:30               Attorney General Frosh, State of Maryland             

                                    “Consumer Scams and Financial Matters’”


10:30-10:45        Break



10:45-12:15        Health Insurance Literacy Initiative Team, Bonnie Braun, Professor Emerita, UMD, Virginia Brown, Assistant Professor, UMD, Jessie Ketterman, Extension Educator, Lisa McCoy, Extension Educator, UME, Maria Pippidis, Extension Educator, UDEL Extension

“Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs”


Smart Use Health Insurance is a multi-part series program designed to help you better understand how to take advantage of your essential health benefits, understand and estimate costs of care, track the services you received, and keep records of both health care use and expenses. Smart Use Health Insurance: Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs is designed to help you understand what you need to know about health care costs, know where to go for information about health care costs, and review strategies and use tools to help you estimate health care costs. Smart Use Health Insurance: Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs will prepare you both personally as well as equip you with information and skills to help your clients use your health insurance documents to determine health care costs.



12:15-1:15           Lunch


1:15-2:15              John Breyault, Vice President of Public Policy, Telecommunications, and Fraud, National Consumers League

                                    “PFMs, FinTech and Consumers”


This workshop will focus on the latest developments in the area of personal financial management software and mobile apps as well as the emerging world of so-called “fintech” services. These services promise to revolutionize how consumers spend money and manage their finances. At this workshop, you’ll hear from experts who are on the front line of helping consumers work with these new tools and advocating for public policies that protect consumers in this emerging space.



2:15-3:30              Anne Aldrich, Partner, Artemis

“What makes your clients tick”


Informed by behavior economics this session will be about research findings on what may motivate your clients to be more engaged with the services you offer.  This session will inform financial professionals about how their audiences’ thoughts and emotions directly drive choices and behaviors. Lessons learned from America Saves will be shared.


3:30-3:45              Break


3:45-5:00              Kathleen Hyland, Attorney, Hyland Law Firm, LLC

                                    “Know Before You Owe: Student Loan Options and Resources”


This session will provide updates to financial educators, practitioners, and researchers on options to pay for college, financial aid processes, responsible borrowing considerations, the student loan process and resources as well as things to know when shopping for student loans. Participants will learn information that clients and consumers should know when managing money and avoiding scams. Participants will learn about resources that help students and parents make education choices and understand the impact of student loans on credit and life after college as well as management of current student loan debt. Tax credits, repayment options, and things to do if facing student loan default will also be covered.


Friday, May 19


8:00-9:00              Registration

9:00-10:30           Brent Neiser, Senior Director, National Endowment for Financial Education

                                    “Vital Trends Impacting Personal Finance”      

Recognize and adapt to the history that is being made all around us in education, finance, demographics, technology, and public policy. The threads that shape and bind these patterns will be revealed to help prepare you for new personal finance realities.  Experience ways to distinguish and discern these influential trends for your clients as well as your professional practice and work. 


Bonus discussion on Financial Stacking:  Personal Finance issues and messages taking          up mental space. Learn five steps to tackle “to dos” and “opportunities” that cause  conflict, confusion, and inaction.


10:30-10:45        Break


10:45-12:00        Jeff Richardson, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Vantage Score

                                    “The Vantage Score”


This session will give an overview of credit scoring and the VantageScore credit score model. It will include the history of the Vantage Score and current research finding about credit score. Understanding credit score and modeling will help your clients plan and prepare for their future. This session will also share the resources that Vantage Score including credit score



12:00-12:45        Irene Skricki, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  

                                    “CFPB program resources for financial educators and counselors including FINEX”


                                    This session will discuss the resources that are available to practitioners through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB launched the Financial Education Exchange along with Your Money Your Goals toolkit.



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