University of Maryland Extension

NorthEast Regional 4-H Volunteer Forum

Congratulations to the Entire NERVF Committee - your hard work is evident in the NorthEast Regional 4-H Volunteer Forum website! (link is external)  REGISTRATION IS OPEN !! 

Our 4-H Faculty /Volunteer Committees have researched/ contacted/ planned and now we have a program jammed with outstanding speakers, workshops, tours, teen track, virtual sessions and fellowship.  Thanks to our Logistics and Finance Committee - the fundraising is making it possible for us to keep registration costs LOW.  Our registration is cheaper than the 2010 NERVF held in Delaware!!!

Thanks everyone, for your contributions and the job is just beginning.  Help us promote the NERVF to our Volunteers and Teens!  Hold the date on your calendar - we'll need your support and attendance November 20-23, 2014.

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