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National 4-H History Map

Welcome to the 4-H History Map to help 4-H families explore the interesting history of 4-H in your county and state...

For more than 100 years, 4-H members have been making history in the county which you live, and all across the United States.

Every month, 4-H members and alumni will be adding interesting locations to the national 4-H history map/atlas.
So please plan to revisit the site in future months to discover future 4-H locations loaded to the 4-H Map/Atlas. Historically interesting locations will include a number of firsts, such as the first 4-H Club in the state, or the longest continuous running 4-H club in the state, or the club location of state or national elected officials such as members of congress, Senators, President or First Ladies. 4-H facilities and their historical significance.
4-H Camps and 4-H Fairs, both state + county, often have some interesting 4-H historical significance. Our 4-H History Map/Atlas contains symbols that indicate whether the site is a monument, headquarters, camp, fair, event, of person important to the history of 4-H.

To View the content that has been added thus far to the the 4-H History Map, click on the following web site link:

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