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Master Gardeners grow plant sale profits

Master Gardener Plant Sale
Plants from the Master Gardener Plant Sale
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Trish Moore

It was a banner year. The plant sale ended up being the biggest and most prof­itable to date with the most customers and the largest number of MG participants ever!

Plant Boss Tiiu Mayer went through over 2,000 pricing spoons (reused from last year) and had to purchase new ones for all the additional plants!

This year’s pre-sale preparations gen­erated 50 percent more purchased plants than last year, 100 percent more donated nursery stock (Kudos to Pat Thomas and Lucy Wright!) plus at least 50 percent more home grown or transplanted plants from BCMGs. The $10 donations all went towards the cause as well!

Nancy Lewis, Fundraising Chair, stat­ed, “Just by eyeballing it from my stand­point, I would say we increased participa­tion from the community by 100 percent. The word is out and we continue to get more and more repeat customers each year.”

The bottom line? Plant sale 2012 gen­erated $4,500 in funds; plant sale 2013 generated over $12,000! That’s a huge increase and no small potatoes!

Over 100 BCMGs contributed to some phase of this monumental project!

Yet special thanks go to… Tiiu Mayer for spearheading and overseeing all aspects of the project, Pat Thomas and her crew for securing so many donations, and Lucy Wright who joined Pat in soliciting donations then dug, potted, sorted and priced sooo many plants! Kudos to Paul Dorsey who showed up at almost every potting day and work day and Natalie Hamilton for taking care of last minute signage, potting, multitudinous little details…and for offering up the services of her son, William Fern. (Thank you, Will!) Patsy Pahr stepped up when things were moved indoors and worked with her team to stage the Shade Barn. Heather Wight arranged the wonderful White House Nursery opportunity that offered up volun­teer MG labor in exchange for plant credits for plant sale. Heather also staged the Sun Plant barn with her team. Maura Csipo, daughter of Gigi Csipo made her second yearly dawn-to-dusk appearance to help anywhere there was a need. Thanks to Baltimore County Recreation and Parks Executive Coordinator, Chris McCollum, and Maryland Agricultrural Resource Council Executive Director Kelly Dudeck for letting MGs use the electric fence to ward off deer and for their faithful support of the MG program. Also, BCMG benefit­ed from the loan of tables from the State Fair Grounds and the manpower of their staff to load and unload them.

And all enveloping thanks go to everyone who loaned carts and wagons, grew plants, potted plants, talked up the event, hung posters, prepped for the event or worked the event.

As the saying goes: Together Everyone Accomplishes More. Go TEAM!

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