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Horticulture Night at Carrollton

On March seventh, the Carrollton 4-H Club met at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Westminster for horticulture night. There was a demo called “How to Replant Succulents” done by Serena and Jacob Newton. During their demo, they showed how to replant succulents along with giving background information about the plants. In addition to the demo, there were also three workshops that the attending 4-Hers could choose to go to. There was a workshop on how to make a compost by Amelia Schilling, where each person had a jar and they filled it with paper shreds, dead leaves, a mixture of anything that is a fruit or vegetable, and dirt. Another workshop was a planting workshop, done by Estella Gover, where participating 4-Hers planted a flower in a small pot. 

The last workshop was how to make a succulent dish garden, by Matthew Nevin. 4-Hers brought bowls, which they put rocks in, added a layer of dirt, planted their succulents, and added another layer of rocks. In the end, there were many creations waiting to be brought home.

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