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Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

Sweaters, socks, chocolate-coated espresso beans are among the gifts that, for me anyway, fall into the essential and expected holiday gift category. But if you want to wow the gardeners in your life this year consider these ideas from the past and future wish lists of your friends at the Home and Garden Information Center…

Ria says “ the best gift I received WAS a garden. My husband rented a rototiller and got the whole area ready for me to plant. Or you could give someone a container or salad box already planted with lettuce seedlings or herbs. “

Marian and Debbie like the Garden Rocker Comfort Seat- a simple, low  plastic stool gets you close to your plants, soil, and weeds (claims to reduce knee & back strain.) The company also sells a cushioned seat with tool bag.

Sara says that “those little tree finders (tree ID) make nice stocking stuffers. 

Chris “loved Birds and Blooms magazine when the kids were small... gorgeous photography. And  don’t forget about the Maryland Master Gardener Handbook. It’s a fabulous gardening resource.”

Lew has the giving spirit and likes the idea of a “subscription to one of the local or national gardening magazines, or a gift certificate from a local nursery.  You could even give someone a gift card and let them shop on line for the tool or accessory that they like.”

“A handy man or woman could build a salad table or salad box for their mom or a friend who has trouble getting up and down in the garden.  A fit person could offer to prepare the garden for spring planting for someone who is in need of assistance.  How about three or four decorative stepping stones to place in a flower garden... or a couple of passes into one of the popular private or public gardens, or simply offering to take a friend on a spring time walking tour of the National Arboretum or Brookside Gardens.  For the avid gardener, how about a gift basket containing garden accessories: plant ties, netting, a floating row cover, a pair of inexpensive garden gloves, a bottle of wine, and some herb markers.”

Lisa thought it would be great to “receive a gift of membership to a horticultural group or the Maryland  Native Plant Society, or a collection of seeds from Monticello or Mt. Vernon. The National Wildlife Federation has tree sponsorships and ornaments that when purchased, plants a tree. Or how about a living succulent wreath or a personal gift certificate of your time to help weed, plant a new bed, etc.

With OXFAM, you can donate a vegetable garden, fruit trees, etc. as a symbolic gift for someone. 

Ginny likes practical garden gifts, like Liquid Fence to repel deer, or deer netting or a privacy fence to keep them out of the garden!

So keep your gardeners happy in 2014 with gifts from the heart and for the garden.

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