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Food Preservation - Update

At the recent MAAFS Meeting an updated Food Preservation overview was given.  On April 20th the UME Food Preservation Action Team will provide training for Food Preservation judges as the MAAFS Judges Training at the Western Maryland Research & Education Center.  Many of you have been a part of the UME training and any others who might be interested in being trained contact Sandy ( to join the UDC Training on May 2nd and 3rd at the Montgomery County Extension Office.  We want a consistent food safety message so help us do that with food preservation whether it's with "canning" classes or Food Preservation entries in our county fairs and shows.   It's a UME Signature Program - "Grow It/ Eat It/ Preserve It".  
Updated information was given to all the county fairs and shows at the MAAFS meeting, and updated training will be provided to Judges, help us maintain the food preservation standards with some basic standards.  Attend a training or request a local training from the Food Preservation Action Team - Rebecca Davis ( / Lynn Little (,  Dhruti U. Patel ( or Sandy Corridon (
Support the recommended updates to the fair rules.
1. ALL foods should be processed using a tested recipe. (Recipe sources  - Ball Blue Book, USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning and So Easy to Preserve, or recipes found in pectin or other canning ingredients made by companies such as Kerr, Mrs. Waggs, Ball, etc.)
2.  Label each jar lid:
a. Product Name
b. Processing Time and Method
c. Source of Recipe
         3. Fruits, pickled vegetables and some tomatoes should be processed in a boiling water bath canner. Vegetables and some tomato products must be processed in a pressure canner.
       4. Use only mason jars (note size according to class specifications) and 2 piece self-sealing lids.
       5.  Jars should not be opened during judging.

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