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Extension’s “Bug Guy” featured in TERP

University of Maryland Extension specialist and entomology professor Mike Raupp, a.k.a the "Bug Guy"
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John T. Consoli

University of Maryland Extension specialist and entomologist Michael Raupp has fed Jay Leno a cicada. He’s consulted the TV series “Bones” on bugs found on cadavers in the Washington, D.C., area. He’s practically a regular on NPR and WTOP. Known as “The Bug Guy,” the longtime Maryland professor shares his enthusiasm and expertise not just on TV and radio, but through his 2010 children’s book “26 Things That Bug Me” and on his blog, “Bug of the Week,” now marking its 10th anniversary. Now he tells Terp about how he’s created a buzz about his work:

TERP: Why bugs?

Raupp: Why not? They’re fascinating. They frighten people. They entertain people. When people find out I’m an entomologist, the next thing that happens is the iPhone comes out and there’s a picture of the bug on the side of their wall. I think people are just curious about bugs, and certainly bugs are everywhere. We share 80 percent of our genes with insects. They’re kind of a part of us.

TERP: When did you first become fascinated with them?

Raupp: One of my fondest memories was my mother telling me to go outside and play. That was the best advice I ever got. It put me in touch with the natural world. My real interest in bugs was when I began my study in medical entomology [at Rutgers University], and that’s when I switched from being pre-vet to an entomology major.

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