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Diamond Clover - Level 6 Applications

Congratulations to all of our 4-H youth who are working through the Maryland 4-H Diamond Clover Award Program.  For senior 4-H members who have completed Level 5 and are now ready to apply for the Level 6 Award – the proposals are due on at the STATE 4-H office September 15th !!!  So get ready to submit your proposals!!

The Diamond Clover Project:
• Should make a difference in your community or fulfill a need in the community
• Be a challenge that allows you to develop life skills (planning, organizing, follow through).  
• Should involve others in the community and develop community partnerships.
• Plan should include how to maintain the project to have lasting impact beyond just one day or one event.  
• Should take time to develop a detailed plan, to organize, implement, conduct, promote, evaluate and provide follow-up information of the success of your program
• Should take at least an estimated 100 hours to implement and complete
The sky is your limit….use your creativity and imagination.  The Diamond Clover Project is your project (4-Hers) not your club leaders, parents, committee, or friends!!!
Level Six – Diamond Youth must be 14 as of January 1st when starting the project.

[Local Committee, 4-H Club Leader and County/City/Military 4-H Program Educator, and the State 4-H Program Leader must approve plan prior to youth starting the Level 6 Service Project.]
The Diamond Clover Committee should consist of, but is not limited to at least three members including: 4-H UME Volunteers, previous Diamond Clover winners, 4-H All Stars and a 4-H Educator, of these three members, the Committee must include at least one of the following:, 4-H UME Volunteer, 4-H All Star and/or 4-H Educator. These committee members must be non-related to the Diamond Clover candidate. It is the candidate’s responsibility to contact people to serve as their committee members, not the responsibility of the 4-H Educator.  If you have questions – please refer to the Maryland 4-H Diamond Clover Award Program Guidelines on our Website “For Youth and Families” – then click Awards & Rec.

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