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Carroll County 4-H Parent Talks About Landscape Design

Cheetah's 4-H club meets the first Monday, of each month at 7 pm. at St. Mary's UCC church located in Silver Run, northern Carroll County. Mr. Tom Rhodes, a 4-H parent from our club and a landscaper in the Westminster area, spoke at our February 6, 2017 meeting. Mr. Rhodes talked about Landscape Design, and he said it's important for the designer to go to the location and check to see where the sun comes up and goes down. You need to check for shady areas, windy areas, and wet areas as well as spots that may need to be hidden for other reasons on the property. It's important to check the location of lighting, windows, driveway and other factors that should be taken into consideration depending on the type of design wanted on the site.

He taught the club how to make important decisions such as where to put a focal point in a design to make it more inviting to the home or business. Mr. Tom used several members from the club for them to better understand and represent various things/areas such as an easel for showing the drawing designs. He also used members of the club to demonstrate a focal point example and placement of a variety of shrubs, plants, flowers when creating a design. We learned that depending on where the sun or shade or windy or wet areas are, everything together makes a difference as to what types of plants, shrubs etc..... are able to be used in the Landscape Design. After answering questions from the group Mr. Tom had another fact for us, all plants are actually named in Latin.

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