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AREC Welcomes Two Outstanding New Assistant Professors

Dr. Karthik Kalyanaraman received his PhD from Harvard University after which he was an assistant professor at University College London.  He joined AREC in Fall 2012.  He is interested in developing econometric tools for use in environmental, labor and development economics.  His PhD research focused on estimating policy effects with minimal assumptions (nonparametrically). He has done subsequent work in the same area and in understanding the evolution of social networks. His work on regression discontinuity is widely cited and used across the social sciences.

Dr. Sebastien Houde received his PhD from Stanford University in 2012 and joined AREC in Spring 2013. He has interests in energy and environmental economics, industrial organization, behavioral economics, and field experiments. His PhD research focused on investigating different policy tools used to manage energy demand, with a particular emphasis on non-price instruments. His current work focuses on the design and evaluation of energy efficiency policies. He is particularly interested in research projects where data, behaviors, and energy policies all come into play. His empirical work relies on tools from empirical industrial organization and field experiments. Prior to joining Stanford, Sebastien worked at Resources for the Future and Natural Resources Canada.

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