University of Maryland Extension

Continuing Education

In order to maintain the status of Active Master Gardener, a Master Gardener volunteer must complete at least 10 hours of continuing education each year. 

Continuing education can include any combination of

  • Classes, webinars, seminars and other educational activities offered by UME, plant societies, botanical gardens and arboreta, colleges, nature centers, etc. 
  • Subject matter presentations made at Master Gardener membership meetings
  • Events coordinated and sponsored by the State Master Gardener Program

Webinars and Other Continuing Education Opportunities

Extension programs and horticultural experts develop webinars for Master Gardeners and the public. Many webinars are free and some require payment. The UME Master Gardener State Office has compiled a list of select webinars, classes, and other events.

Annual Training Conference

UME Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists have historically completed a portion of their continuing education at the Annual Training Conference held at the University of Maryland College Park campus. The UME Master Gardener State Office will not be hosting the conference in 2018. Learn more about the Annual Training Conference.

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