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Volunteer Resources

Program Information and Resources

Below lists an overview of program information and resources for UME Master Gardener Coordinators and UME Master Gardener Volunteers. 

Orientation and Volunteer Policy Training Materials

  • About the Program
  • Simple Steps to Become a Volunteer
  • University of Maryland Policies and Additional Resources (EEO Statements, Media Release Forms, Organizational Flow Chart)

Recording Volunteer Data (Volunteer Hours, Continuing Education Hours, and Direct Contact Demographic Data) 

  • Access the Online Tracking System (OTS)
  • OTS User Guides
  • Additional Resources

Continuing Education Opportunities 

  • List of Webinars, Classes, and Other Events
  • UME Master Gardener/Master Naturalist Annual Training Conference


  • Logo User Guides
  • Links to Logo Files
  • PowerPoint Slide Templates
  • UME Master Gardener Program Logos
  • UME Master Gardener Subset Program Logos
         Ask a Master Gardener Plant Clinic
         Grow It Eat It
         Native Plants

Presentations, Templates, and Teaching Tools

  • Organizational Flow Chart
  • PowerPoint Slide Templates
  • Grow It Eat It Presentations
  • Additional Teaching Tools

UME Master Gardener Shop

  • UME Master Gardener Handbook
  • Branded Merchandise
  • UME Master Gardener Apparel
  • Program Supplies


  • UME State Master Gardener Newsletter
         Subscription Button
         View Current and Past Newsletters

Statewide Meeting Minutes

  • Grow It Eat It Statewide Meeting Minutes
  • Ask a Master Gardener Plant Clinic Statewide Meeting Minutes

Grow It Eat It Teaching Resources

  • Mission, Vision, and Program Overview
  • Additional Resources

Annual Reports

  • Archived UME Master Gardener & Home and Garden Information Center Annual Reports
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