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Suggestions for an Efficient Registration Process

1) Read over the descriptions of the presentations (Session 1Session 2Session 3).  For each session, make note of 3-5 presentations of which you are especially enthusiastic.

I agree that there are many excellent choices, and it may be difficult to make those decisions -- but I assure you that you really can't go wrong with selecting any of them!

Ten (of the 41) presentations have limited seating.  The large majority of the presentations have many spaces available.  There should be plenty of room for everyone: each session has 12 to 15 different presentations, equating to 1400 to 1600 seats up for grabs in any given session.

2) Go to to complete your registration for the 17th Annual Master Gardener and Master Naturalist Training Conference.

The registration form on Eventbrite will include the session numbers and titles of the presentations, but not the descriptions of each presentation -- if I did include those on Eventbrite it would be quite cumbersome!  This page shows you an overview of all of the presentation titles.  This brochure lists all of the presentation descriptions in a PDF format.

Please be aware of these details:

1) Once you begin your registration, you will have 30 minutes to complete your selections.  If you time-out you will be able to immediately begin a new submission. 

2) Your registration for a particular presentation is NOT confirmed until your final submission. 

3) You will not be able to change your selections of presentations after you complete your final submission.

4) If a presentation has filled, the presentation listing will be crossed out with a note that says "Not Available." You will not be able to select "Not Available" presentations for your registration.  Go ahead and find your 2nd or 3rd choice on the list and make that selection instead.  Again, you really can't go wrong with whatever you select. 

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