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Organizing a Native Plant Rescue

There are two dates to choose from, please choose one.

Friday, April 3


Registration ends March 31


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(This class replaces the canceled March 27th class.)

Friday, April 17


Registration ends April 10

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This class will count as 6 hours towards the Native Plants Certificate.


Howard County Extension Office and Roscoe Property

3300 North Ridge Road

Ellicott City, MD 21043

Registration Fee: $20.00

Class Limit: 30


Intern or Certified Status as a Master Gardener OR Intern or Certified Status as a Master Naturalist

Native Plant Essentials In-Person Course OR Native Plant Essentials Online Course

Class Description:

Where can you go to obtain locally grown native plants to have in your own home landscape? Our neighborhood garden centers typically do not carry them. Wild native plants do exist in our neighborhoods and may be available for the taking. The key is to find native plants that are in need of rescue, and to organize a team to remove the plants before they are lost.  

In this class you will learn how native plant rescues provide us access to:

  • Locally-adapted materials
  • Species that are not commercially available
  • Mature, landscape-sized plants

We will spend the morning in the classroom first discussing:

  • How to find worthy rescue sites
  • What conservation value is derived from rescuing native plants
  • The ethical considerations of rescuing native plants
  • Some uses for the rescued plants
  • Suggestions for working with property owners
  • Tips for organizing volunteer labor

In the early afternoon we will head into the field for a practicum in plant rescue deployment. The property is a Piedmont site which is slated for subdivision development. Plants on this site are in need of rescue, and attendees of the class may choose to stay with the instructor and engage in native plant rescue that afternoon.

By the end of this class you will have the tools you need to organize your own native plant rescue event in your area!


Dr. Sara Tangren (Agent Associate, Home & Garden Information Center) is a specialist in sustainable landscaping and native plants.  She began rescuing native plants for use in botanical gardens and as propagation stock in 1996.

 For more information, contact Alicia Bembenek


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