University of Maryland Extension

Overview of the Training

Maryland Master Gardeners are volunteer horticultural educators who are passionate about learning new information and sharing their knowledge with their communities.

To enable and assist Master Gardeners in their responsibilities, continuing education is required and provided through the University of Maryland Extension.

Basic Training

As part of the process of becoming a Certified Master Gardener, one must first complete a Master Gardener Basic Training course that is offered through a University of Maryland County Extension office.  The class topics and information align with the Maryland Master Gardener Handbook.

After completing the Basic Training, a Master Gardener Intern or Certified Master Gardener is required to complete at least 10 hours of continuing education each year.  These hours can be completed via classes, webinars, seminars, and other educational activities offered by the University of Maryland Extension.  In addition, presentations given by plant societies, botanical gardens, aboreta, nature centers, and other colleges may also count towards continuing education hours.

Advanced Training

A number of Master Gardeners complete their continuing education hours through state sponsored Advanced Training courses that are taught in a variety of locations across the state. In any given year, approximately 15-25 different classes, covering various topics, are offered.

Annual Training Conference

Master Gardeners may also complete a portion of their continuing education at the Annual Training Conference held each year at the University of Maryland College Park campus. 

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