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MG License Plates

Ordering your MG license plate will be fast and easy!

Who is eligible? 

Any certified Master Gardener may now register their passenger car, multi-purpose vehicle, truck (1 ton or less) or motorcycle with the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles to display the new Organizational Maryland Master Gardener License Plate. You may register more than one vehicle for an organizational plate. However, the Master Gardener must be either the owner or co-owner of that vehicle.

Vehicle registration fees are separate from new plate fees.

  1. Motor Vehicle Administration charges you a regular registration fee and gives you a current sticker.
  2. If you want new MG plates, it will cost $45.00 total (see below). It doesn't matter when your registration expires. If you buy new plates, they will send you a replacement for your current sticker as well. In other words, your registration expiration neither necessary nor contingent upon you getting new plates.
  3. The $45.00 you pay for new plates is a one-time fee. You'll never pay it again as long as you have the same plates. After this initial purchase you will continue to pay the same registration fee for the sticker that you would have if you had regular, non-MG plates.

Here's how the process for obtaining your new MG plates works:

Step 1: Obtain the forms
These are 3-part forms that are not available electronically. Please send your name and contact info (email, phone, address, and MG county) to Beth Bukoski ( Beth will send you the necessary paperwork and instructions.

Step 2: Fill in the MVA form (Application for Organizational License Plates) once you receive it

  • You will need the insurance card for your vehicle and the current MVA Registration Certificate in order to complete the attached application.
  • If the MVA Certificate lists a co-owner, both the owner and the co-owner must sign the application.
  • Under “Organization Member”, check the box that indicates whether it is the owner or the co-owner who is a Master Gardener. Under “Check Class”, check the box indicating whether the vehicle is a passenger car or a multi-purpose vehicle (SUV, van, or truck). Ignore the other sections below the signature line.

Step 3: Please make out two checks

  • The first check needs to be payable to the Motor Vehicle Administration for $25.00.
  • The second check needs to be payable to the University of Maryland for $20.00. This check is a donation to the MG program and is tax deductible.

Note: You must turn in your old plates to the MVA within 30 days of receiving your new plates.

Step 4: Mail your completed application (both copies) and both checks to:
MG License Plates
12005 Homewood Rd.
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Any questions? Contact Beth Bukoski at or 410-531-5557.

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