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Promotional and Recognition Items

Below is a list of Master Gardener Branded Items, Promotional Items, and Recognition Items Available from the State Master Gardener office

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Item and Price
Description and How to Order

Master Gardener License Plate Frame: $10.00 each

License Plate Frame is composed of white plastic.

License Plate Frame reads: University of Maryland Extension at the top and Master Gardener at the bottom.

To place an order, go to:

Master Gardener Lanyard:
$2.00 each


Lanyards are 1/2" red knit cotton with white imprint. 

The imprint reads: "University of Maryland Extension Master Gardener"

There is an attachment on the end to which you would clip your Master Gardener badge.

To place an order, go to:


Master Gardener Testudo Pin:
$4.00 each

Pin is 1 1/4" height. It is a printed metallic pin with a clutch back.

To place an order, go to:

Certificates: $0.00

Contact Beth Bukoski ( to place an order.


Master Gardener Brochures: $0.00

Master Gardener Brochure Image

Brochure Information

Contact Beth Bukoski ( to place an order.

Recognition Pins: $4.00 each

We have pins for years of service for the following number of years:
3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years

Contact Beth Bukoski ( to place an order.

License Plate: $45.00 total


Temporarily unavailable during logo update transition period. 

Please contact Beth Bukoski ( for updates.

Picture of sample license plate

How to order a Master Gardener license plate

Master Gardener Handbook:
$69.00 each

Description of Handbook and ordering information

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