Promotional and Recognition Items

Below is a list of Master Gardener Branded Items, Promotional Items, and Recognition Items Available from the State Master Gardener office

Item and Price
Description and How to Order

Master Gardener Branded Clothing and Accessories:
Price varies depending upon item, ranges $4.00-$56.00

Clothing items include polos, t-shirts, denim shirts, fleece vests, fleece jackets, and hoodies.

Accessories include aprons, canvas tote bags, caps, tool bags, and water bottles.

To see images of the clothing and accessories, and to place an order, you can view two different online stores.

From March 13th to April 23rd shop our online store and custom order from a wide selection of colors and sizes!

Or view our current selection already in stock!

Master Gardener Branded License Plate Frame: $10.00 each

License Plate Frame is composed of white plastic.

License Plate Frame reads: University of Maryland Extension at the top and Master Gardener at the bottom.

To place an order, go to:

Master Gardener Branded Lanyard: $2.00 each


Lanyards are 1/2" red knit cotton with white imprint. 

The imprint reads: "University of Maryland Extension Master Gardener"

There is an attachment on the end to which you would clip your Master Gardener badge.

Master Gardeners:  To place an order, go to:

MG County/City Coordinators: Contact Beth Bukoski ( to place an order.

Master Gardener Branded Tumbler:
$10.00 each

Tumbler is composed of transparent plastic with a red lid. It is inscribed with the Master Gardener State logo.

To place an order, go to:

Master Gardener Testudo Pin:
$4.00 each

Pin is 1 1/4" height. It is a printed metallic pin with a clutch back.

To place an order, go to:

Banners: Price varies

Example of a banner

The State MG office can supply artwork, if needed. The State MG office orders banners from an outside vendor.  

Contact Alicia Bembenek ( for the artwork files (.png and .eps) to send to a printer yourself.

Contact Beth Bukoski ( if you would like to place an order directly through the State MG office.

Certificates: No charge
Contact Beth Bukoski ( to place an order.

Master Gardener Brochures:
No charge

Master Gardener Brochure Image

Brochure Information

Contact Beth Bukoski ( to place an order.

Master Gardener Badge: $2.50 each

Contact Beth Bukoski ( to place an order.

Recognition Pins: $4.00 each

We have pins for years of service for the following number of years:
3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years

Contact Beth Bukoski ( to place an order.

License Plate: $45.00 total

Picture of sample license plate

How to order a Master Gardener license plate

Master Gardener Handbooks:
$69.00 each

Description of Handbook and ordering information

To pay by check, please use this Order Form

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