University of Maryland Extension

Baltimore County

The Urban Agriculture Education Program focus is to maintain a healthier environment by promoting urban and suburban greening initiatives through environmentally friendly horticultural practices. Urban agriculture education efforts include:

• establishment of home and community gardens
• community beautification projects
• tree planting
• general lawn care
• environmentally sound soil amendment and soil building practices 
• reduction of chemical fertilizer and pesticide applications

The Urban Agriculture Education Program also collaborates with private and public agencies and organizations in the County and beyond to develop outreach programs that promote greening, forestry and other natural resource conservation initiatives.

Master Gardener volunteers help provide support to University of Maryland Extension outreach efforts and are an important component of the Urban Agriculture Education Program. Master

Gardeners complete a training program and typically 40-50 hours of service are required to become an intern.  Interns become certified Master Gardeners when they provide 40 hours of service within 12 months from the first day of training. Master Gardeners hold plant clinics, conduct demonstrations, make presentations and teach classes related to urban agriculture and horticultural practices.

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