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How to Count MG Contacts

The Who and How of Counting and Entering “Contacts” on the Master Gardener Volunteer Log

Count and enter the total number of people you taught or advised at the activity, class, event, or session. These are your direct educational contacts.


  • Classes (including teaching fellow MGs)
  • Workshops
  • Demonstrations
  • Garden tours and field days
  • Discussion groups
  • One-on-one instruction or sharing of information that is face-to-face (e.g. at a fair, farmers market, plant clinic, Bay-Wise site visit, or other event)
  • One-on-one instruction or sharing of information over the telephone or using electronic mail with a known client
  • Talking to groups about the MG program

Situations where people are not counted as educational contacts:

  • The project or activity is not approved by the MG Coordinator.
  • People walking past the MG table or display at a public event or fair who you do not advise, instruct, or inform. 
  • People receiving a print or electronic publication that contains UME/MG subject matter information (e.g., an article written by a MG on invasive plants that appears in a neighborhood newsletter). 
  • A MG planning or committee meeting.
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