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Definition of MG Status

Terms Used in the Volunteer Database (words in bold)

  • *Active Master Gardener: a certified MG who volunteers a minimum of 20 hours in the previous calendar year and completes 10 hours of continuing education (additional requirements may be stipulated by county/city MG programs).  
  •   Master Gardener *Intern: an individual who has completed the basic training program (attending at least 75% of the classes), passed the final exam (75% or better), received volunteer policy training, and has all of their required volunteer forms, completed and on file, in the University of Maryland Extension (UME) office.
  • Master Gardener Emeritus: a senior MG who can no longer be active but wishes to stay connected to the program (attend social events and meetings, receive communications).  Upon mutual agreement, the local MG Coordinator may grant this status (and an MG Emeritus Certificate) to a volunteer.
  • **On Hiatus: a  certified MG who wishes to become inactive due to personal circumstances.  This status can last up to 3 years.  The MG makes the request and it is up to the local MG Coordinator to approve it or not.  If approved, a letter confirming the “on hiatus” status should be placed in the volunteer’s file.
  • Terminated: a MG who no longer wishes to be part of the program or who is dismissed from the program.
  • Mailing List Only: this list may include non-MGs and MG Coordinators from other programs, who are receiving newsletters or other communications because of their relationship to the MG program.

Other Status Terms

  • Master Gardener *Trainee: an individual who is screened and accepted into the training program.  (Trainees can volunteer once they receive volunteer policy training and all of their required volunteer forms are completed and on file in the UME office.)
  • *Certified Master Gardener: an intern who has completed the initial 40 hours of volunteer service, by participating in an approved volunteer project in accordance with MG Policies and Guidelines.  The individual will receive a signed certificate.

*NOTE: For these classifications, all required volunteer forms (Application, Position Description, Two References, Volunteer Appointment Agreement) must be completed, updated, and on file in the UME office.  The Volunteer Appointment Agreement can have up to a three year time period. It protects the volunteer and the University from frivolous lawsuits. You can only serve as an official MG volunteer if you have a current Volunteer Appointment Agreement on file.

**NOTE: A Master Gardener who has not completed and submitted 20 hours of volunteer service for the previous calendar year should not automatically be considered “terminated” or “on hiatus". They can continue in “active status”, as long as a concerted effort is made to determine the volunteer’s intentions. They may just need prodding to either turn in un-recorded hours from the previous year or be facing extenuating circumstances. Terminations may, however, be automatic if the volunteer fails to respond to written communications within a specified time regarding his/her intentions.

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