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Continuing Ed Guidelines

Maryland Master Gardener Program Policies and Guidelines


Montgomery County Addendum – exceptions/clarifications


Becoming a Master Gardener:

  • To be a certified Master Gardener volunteer in Montgomery County all interns must complete 45 hours (vs. 40 hours) of volunteer service by the end of the calendar year.

Maintaining Master Gardener Status:  To remain an active Montgomery County Master Gardener, he/she must:

  • Complete at least 25 hours (vs. 20 hours) of certified volunteer service each calendar year.
  • Submit monthly data collection sheets (“green sheets”) either electronically or by mail to the Montgomery County Extension office (a grace period is offered until January 15 of the next calendar year).

Continuing Education:

  • Subject matter must be relevant to the field of horticulture.
  • Continuing education hours may be granted for webinars assuming:
    • The duration of the program is a minimum of 30 minutes for which a MC-MG would earn 30 minutes of CE credit.
    • The source is from an educational or governmental organization (e.g., University of Maryland, Penn State University, Maryland Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture or Environmental Protection Agency).
    • The webinar has been pre-approved by the state or local Master Gardener Coordinator.

At least five of the required continuing educational hours must be earned in a face-to-face format such as meetings, seminars or workshops.

If you have questions as to whether a webinar may be accepted for continuing education credit, contact the local Master Gardener Coordinator or designee.

Hiatus Status:

  • Hiatus status can last only up to two years (vs. three years), unless a waiver is granted by the coordinator.

What Constitutes a Master Gardener Activity:

  • An activity must meet the University of Maryland Extension list of approved activities, unless an exception is granted by the coordinator.
  • Volunteer service does not include travel time unless the approved event is outside of Montgomery County.
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