University of Maryland Extension


The state MG office provides MG promotional brochures to all of the city/county MG programs. Currently, we have available the three brochures listed below. 

You can request brochures to be sent to your MG program, by contacting Robin at 410-531-1754,

It is not recommended that you print these brochures directly on your printer. They have been professionally printed so that the edges on the front panels (and other panels) "bleed" off of the edges. If you print these out, these panels would have a 1/4" white border around the edges that may make the graphics appear uncentered  and unprofessional.

Other Master Gardener items (pins, name badges etc.)

Bay-Wise brochures, publications and other information.

"Educating Residents" MG Brochure
This brochure describes the MG program- its mission, services, areas of impact, benefits to individuals and list participating Maryland Cooperative Extension offices. It comes prefolded.

"How to Become" an MG Brochure
This brochure explains the MG mission, what MG's actually do, what the training consists of, and how to apply to become an MG. It comes flat so that local offices can imprint their own basic training (or other) custom information.


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