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Basic Native Tree ID Skills and Landscape Tour

Sweet gum

Liquidambar styraciflua

Learn basic tree ID skills you can use anywhere as we focus in on about 12 natives. We will spend the morning using a mixture of individual and team activities to learn about native trees for use in landscape. Topics covered will include twig and leaf morphology, comparative morphology, species identification, natural history, and landscape use. Although the morning is targeted at MGs who are new to woody plant ID, MGs already skilled in this area will have the opportunity to expand those skills by assisting others. This will be a fun, interactive and discovery-filled class!

In the afternoon we will have a guided field trip focusing first on the dozen species we studied in the morning. You’ll hear from experts why they put what tree where, whether they chose a cultivar or straight species and why, as well as cultural considerations such as water, sun, soil, pH., and compaction etc. As time allows, the tour will include additional species.

Primary presenter: Sara Tangren, Ph.D., UME  Associate Agent
Registration Fee: $35 (includes all materials)

Four locations

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4H Center
(College Park)
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Sat., Oct. 19,  

U. of MD Campus

Carin Celebuski
U. of MD Arboretum

Oct. 11

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Tues. Oct 22
WYE REC and Wye Island Danny Poet
WYE REC staff
Oct. 15
UME Frederick Co.
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Tues. Oct. 29
Hood College John Wichser
Hood College
Oct. 22

Dairy Farm (Gambrills)
Anne Arundel Co
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Wed. Oct. 30

Dairy Farm

TBA Oct 23
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