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Orientation Checklist

Volunteer Orientation Check List                                  (Nov. 2009)


Use this check list to be assured all significant points of the University of Maryland Extension (UME) volunteer policies and procedures are covered. This can be used in the volunteer’s file to verify completing the instructional program and knowledge. The volunteer should be aware of and understand the following areas of the UME Policy, the UME risk management procedures and UME organizational/ program goals and philosophies.




________        Volunteer Application and screening processes


________        Volunteer Interview


________        Volunteer References (at least 2 completed)


________        Volunteer Appointment Agreement


________        Volunteer Position Description


________        Volunteer Check Sexual Offender Registry


________        Volunteer Check MD Case Search Website


________        Volunteer Confidentiality Statement


________        Supervisory relationships


________        Volunteer Training Requirements


________        Benefits of coverage by the Maryland Tort Claims Act

________        Orientation covering history, mission, structure of UME, policies of                                                   organization, risks of position.

________        Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Universal Health                                                          Care Procedures

________        Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy

________        Tobacco and Smoking Policy

________        Child Protection and Abuse Reporting*

________        Sexual Harassment Policy

________        Affirmative Action (Includes American Disability Act - ADA)

________        Program Forms and Risk Management Procedures

            ________        Expected organizational standards for volunteer



________        Volunteer Evaluation process


________        Support provided to volunteer from UME


________        Procedures for conflict resolution


________        Termination procedures

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