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Register for MD-DE Master Logger courses

Maryland-Delaware Master Logger Program Core Courses: Each of the four MD-DE Master Logger Program core courses are eligible for four CEU credits: (1) OSHA Regulations and Logging Safety; (2) Sustainable Forestry I: Sediment and Erosion Control, Logging Aesthetics, Spill Cleanup and Prevention;  (3) Sustainable Forestry II: Forestry Ecology and Silviculture, Forest Training; and (4) Sustainable Forestry III: Threatened and Endangered Species, Logger Activism and Outreach . Recordings of these core courses are available on CD-ROM, or a combination of CD-ROM and DVD(s). Internet is not needed.

Continuing Education Update is a four credit course which includes information on Emerald Ash Borer and other forest pests and pathogens, logging fire safety and prevention, and salvage logging safety.

The registration fee for the core courses and the Continuing Education Update course is $30 for each course for each person. A maximum of two courses may be ordered at one time. Courses are offered by CD-ROM, or a combination of CD-ROM and DVD disks. You may take the courses whenever it is convenient for you but we ask that the courses are viewed and course materials returned within one month of receiving the materials.

A check or money order should be made payable to University of Maryland and mailed to: Stephanie Jackson, Wye REC, PO Box 169, Queenstown, MD 21658.

Or call Stephanie at (410) 827-8056 ext 135 to pay by credit card.

Registration is not complete until the registration fee is received. Upon receipt of the registration fee, course materials and instructions on how to view the course will be mailed to you.

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