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Overview of the Maryland Master Gardener Program

Jon Traunfeld | | 410-531-5572
State Master Gardener Coordinator

Alicia Bembenek | | 410-531-1754
Master Gardener Advanced Training Coordinator

Beth Bukoski | | 410-531-5557
Administrative Assistant II Master Gardener Program

County/City Master Gardener Coordinators

The University of Maryland Extension Master Gardener Program began in 1978 as a means of extending the horticultural and pest management expertise of University of Maryland Extension to the general public. Today, this popular program can be found in 18 Maryland counties, Baltimore City, and two Maryland prisons.  

This program is designed to train volunteer horticultural educators for the University of Maryland Extension -- the principal outreach education unit of the University of Maryland. Participants of the Master Gardener Program receive 40-50 hours of Basic Training from University of Maryland professionals. Master Gardener volunteers then share their research-based knowledge and skills with their communities. This outreach effort helps additional individuals to sustainably cultivate their garden and manage their landscapes, thereby reducing fertilizer and pesticide use, and ultimately improving our soil and water quality.

What are some of the Master Gardener Volunteer Opportunities?

Master Gardeners typically work in group-directed teams and/or committees with Trainees matched with Certified Master Gardeners.  To achieve the Master Gardener Vision and Mission, Master Gardeners help solve gardening problems and teach environmentally sound practices by

If you would like to find out more about Master Gardener events in your area, please refer to the MG Assistance page.

If you would like to invite Master Gardeners to your organization or event, please contact your local Master Gardener County Coordinator.

For more information about the Maryland Master Gardener Program, you can

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