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Congratulations to the Certified Master Naturalists of 2012!

Cylburn Arboretum

Beverly Davis, Ryan Dunne, Larry Fask, Judith Floam, Janet Hartka, Molly Hoopes, Eloise Hoyt, Kathy Kadow, Barbara Mallonee, Mitchel Matthews, Thomas Melito, Barbara Pilert, Susan Rose, Nell Strachan, Daisy Sudano, Sebastian Valentine, Alison Warfield  

Oregon Ridge/Cromwell Valley 

John Bainbridge, Cindy Barretta, Bill Curtis, Jim Curtis, Brina Doyle, Marcia Dysart, Patricia Farley, Laurel Harrison, Ann Kerns, Alice Lange, Laura Lechtzin, Nancy Mattingly, Helen Price, Deepti Scharf, Linda Talley, Larry Tupper, Paul Waldman, Pam Ward, Rowan Weber, Anne Wedgeworth

Adkins Arboretum

Robyn Affron, Annmarie Buckley, Richard Dempster, Eugenie Fitzgerald, Cheryl Grabenstein, Jenny Houghton, Jon Ingersoll, Jamie Jacobs, Jason Jacobs, Carol Jelich, Alice Macnow, Ruth Menefee, Michelle Lawrence, Julie Poehlman, Mary Revell, Patricia Robinson, Ann Rohlfing, Stephanie Simpson, Bob Stanley, Roger Tilden, Lynda Tison, Jim Wilson  

Howard County Conservancy

Allison Anderson, Lisa Baird, Harry Fink, Mina Hilsenrath, Ashley Jarvis, Sally Levin, Blaine Milner, William Mitchell, Susan Polniaszek, Ann Strozyk, Chris Toth, Carole Veihmeyer

Audubon Naturalist Society

Joseph F. Andrews III, Caitlin Arlotta, Judy M. Clune, Becky Cromwell, Alice Friedman, Jim Hall, Eleanor Hillegeist, Catherine Krikstan, Tovi Lehmann, Marilyn Leung, Adrienne Betancourt Nicosia, Diyan Rahaman, Lori Rapaport, Pat Ratkowski, Steve McKindley-Ward, Fred Seitz, Kathy Rushing, Pat Tonkin

Oregon Ridge Nature Center

Gary Anderson,Tami Bentz, Robert Bonfante, Alison Hansen, Martha Johnston, Melody Kraus, Amy Lang, Edward Layne, Nanette Neely, Laura Schulze, Melissa Tillery, Anita Tyler


Maryland Master Naturalist Interns of Cromwell Valley Park enjoyed a brunch get together.

First row: Bill Curtis, Justine Schaeffer (PF), Pat Novak, Laurel Harrison, Alice Lange

Second row: Laura Lechtzin, Larry Tupper, Linda Tally, Anne Wedgeworth

Not pictured: Maureen Larkin, Rowan Weber, Trit Farley, Deepti Scharf, Helen Price


Don't forget!

The Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas (MARA) is a 5-year atlas documenting amphibian and reptile distributions in Maryland.

January 2010 through December 2014

Statewide on a grid-based geographic scale using U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 7.5-minute quadrangle maps equally divided into six blocks of approximately 10 square miles each.

Volunteers to conduct fieldwork and document the roughly 95 species and subspecies known to occur within the State.

The atlas will establish a baseline for future efforts and to promote conservation and protection of amphibians and reptiles by systematically documenting their distributions throughout the state.

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