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Root Vegetables - Dig 'em!

Ria Malloy

After dealing with pests and pestilence with Leafy Greens in 2012, the Grow It Eat It team decided to focus on Root Vegetables in 2013.

So, you ask, what’s the big deal about root vegetables? There’s more to root vegetables than meets the eye – potatoes, eyes, get it? All kidding aside, root vegetables are the darlings of the culinary circuit these days. Every famous chef has a favorite recipe for roasted root vegetables. It’s hard to find a restaurant menu these days without at least one beet dish gracing its pages. And, collectively, they pack a nutritional punch. Vegetable Nutrition Database (from Fruit and Veggies More Matters)

New to growing root crops? Here are some root crops that you still have time to plant this season.

carrot Thumbelina beet root kohlrabi purple radish crop Erica Smith
Carrots Beets Kohlrabi Radishes
parsnips Erica Smith


rutabaga Bob Nixon turnips Nancy Taylor Robson
Parsnips Potatoes Rutabagas Turnips
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