Stress and Health

We usually associate “stress” with overpowering emotions and out of control situations. It is true in most cases, however, it is not the whole truth. Stress is a body’s mechanism to a change. It helps in preparing for the uncertainty and urgent situations. However, chronic exposure to stress can lead to a feeling of burn- out, chronic diseases, mental health isuues, and lower productivity. This publication helps reflecting positive and negative aspects of the stress. It explains the physiology of the stress and how to cope with it in a simplest fashion. It also highlights daily activities that can be implemented to reduce everyday stresses.


This publication is a first of the series of the Stress Management and Mindfulness subject matter. The goal of these publications is to empower audience on facets of the stress that can be managed on day to day basis using techniques of mindfulness. The publications are formulated to build the knowledge from the very basic understanding of stress to coping stress at work, family settings, and schools.

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