University of Maryland Extension

Vegetative Heavy Use Areas

Two 0.2 acre paddocks (~ 10,500 square ft each) are located on either side of the sacrifice lot. These areas are designed to maintain forage that is tolerant to heavy foot travel by horses. They are grazed when the rotational pastures are in regrowth periods. 

Heavy use paddock A contains four varieties of Bermudagrass: Wrangler, Cheyenne II, Mohawk, and Riviera. Since Bermudagrass grows best in warmer temperatures, this paddock will used for grazing when the growth of the rotational pastures slows during mid-summer. 
Update: Cheyenne II and Mohawk did not survive the winter of 2008 and have been replanted with Sprigged Tufcoat, Patriot, and Quickstand Bermudagrass. 

Heavy use paddock B contains Justice Tall Fescue turfgrass along with three different varieties of bluegrass turfgrass: Bandera, Cheetah, and SR2100.

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