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Ornamental Plants

Photo of Daffodils
Photo of flower

An array of ornamental plants which includes annuals, bulbs, groundcovers*, perennials and vines* allow homeowners to create attractive and gratifying landscapes.
*Groundcovers and vines are also classified as woody ornamentals.

 Best Practices for the planting and care of ornamental plants 


  (PDF) HG 94 IPM Series: Annuals and Perennials
  (PDF) HG 20 Introduction to Herbaceous Perennials
  (PDF) HG 99 Dividing Herbaceous Perennials
  (PDF) FS 556 Preserving Flowers and Leaves
  (PDF) HG 25 Xeriscaping and Conserving Water in the Landscape
Color in the Fall Landscape

Aquatic Gardening: 

Aquatic Gardening: Construction and Maintenance
Basics of Planting Aquatic Plants


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