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Selecting Fruit Crops and Varieties

Growing fruit does not begin with the planting of a seedling, nor does it end with the harvesting of fruit. Careful selection of fruit types and varieties, choosing the right site and its preparation are key elements in success with these perennial plants. Once established, fruit crops from strawberries to apples will require regular maintenance if they are to remain healthy and productive. 

Important Questions to Ask Before Planting

  • What types of fruit are best suited for the climate and soils in your location?
  • Where in the landscape do you want these trees or plants placed and how much space is required?
  • How much time and resources are needed on a regular basis to maintain fruit trees and plants?
  • Do you expect to use or want to avoid pesticides for controlling various diseases and insect pests?
  • Do you want fresh fruits for general use or fruits for canning, jellies, and jams, or winemaking?
  • What varieties will provide the yield and quality of the fruit you want? Choosing several varieties of the same fruit that ripen at different times extends the harvest period.

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