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If you throw a bucket of dirty water into the wind, it will come back on you. 

Most Maryland residents live within a 15 minute walk of a water source that eventually reaches the Chesapeake Bay. Whether you live in the mountains of western Maryland or close to the shore, outdoor activities can adversely impact the quality the bay, our health, and the health of the ecosystem upon which we depend.

Our goal is to help you make the right choices in your garden. Because the right choice for your garden is the right choice for Maryland.

Did you know that the vast majority of plant problems could be avoided by choosing the right plant for the right place?

Known for our plant and pest diagnostics, with Eco-Smart Gardening, HGIC will present the best gardening practices to reduce and/or eliminate problems before they start.

Find Eco-Smart principals throughout our website for practical gardening information.

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Gardening Basics - doing it right from the start!

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