University of Maryland Extension

Summer Houseplant Tips

Bromeliad. Photo by R. Bosmans

(More tips from HGIC)

  • Fertilize houseplants now that they are actively growing again.
  • If you want to take your houseplants outdoors, keep them out of full-sun locations until they are fully acclimated to outdoor conditions.
  • Monitor houseplants that are outside for insect problems. 
  • Hose plants down regularly if you notice spider mite feeding.
  • Houseplants can be combined with flowering annuals in container plantings.
  • Monitor houseplants kept indoors for mealybugspider mitesaphidswhitefly, and scale. If spider mites are a problem consider spraying with a labeled horticultural oil or soap and pyrethrum mix. If the possible move the plants outside before spraying and when dry, move them back indoors.

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