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song bird

There are many varieties of songbirds in Maryland. Most of them are migratory but a few remain year-round. Songbirds include mocking birds, robins, song sparrows, catbirds, orioles, cardinals, blue birds, Bell's vireo and many others. Generally, songbirds are seldom a problem to plants or people. Occasionally, they are troublesome when they eat blue berries, strawberries or other fruit. Catbirds and mocking birds are especially fond of berries. Robins may congregate by the hundreds at night to roost in trees.

To control birds in vegetable gardens and fruit plantings, use bird netting to protect the crops. Many gardeners grow their blueberries in large cages of bird netting or chicken wire to protect the ripening berries. If roosting robins are absolutely intolerable, you can use loud sounds to discourage them. Scare techniques, like sound, are only effective if started before the behavior becomes permanent.

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